Control valves

Pressure regulators with servo device

Valve type RVSU with servo device is pressure regulator, designed to control steam or air pressure. It consists of two parts, the main valve and pilot valve... More...

Direct action pressure regulators

RVD is a mechanical direct action valve. In all valves direct effects of regulated pressure deviates from the set pressure depending on the current flow. RVD series are designed for mediums like: steam, air, water, oil ... More...

Irreversibly relief valve

Temperature control valve type RT

Valve type RT is a temperature regulator. It is mounted on the side of steam or condensate, and regulate the temperature of the heated fluid. It has a servo device, where the thermal control valve is used as pilot valve that controles main valve.... More...

Flow regulators

QR type is flow regulator designed to maintain continuous flow of water in most central heating systems. This valve is a mechanical flow limiter, and is usually used for balancing the district heating network... More...

electric valves


We have earned acredtation for safety valve testing laboratory according to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 4126-1

We have produced largest steam trap so far, float ball steam trap type OKP-E DN150

steam trap thermodinamic